Letters Patent is a right granted by a document issued by the Government granting the exclusive right and control over the invention. This property is temporary to individuals or corporations, so that the holder presents in detail the technical content of the material to be protected. During the term of the patent license, the holder can prevent others manufacture, distribution, marketing, export, use, provided that for the protected content. This is a guarantee that manufacturableinvention becomes profitable investment. For an invention to obtain Letters Patent is not enough to the solution of problems by itself, being necessary to allow the materializationindustrialization represents a technological area to which it is intended. Is necessary to industrial applicability, innovation, inventive step or an inventive act.



Valid for 20 years after filing, provided that granted *

When the object registration involves inventive activity as a result of the discoveries



Valid for 15 years after the deposit since granted *

When the record object is of practical use and presents a newway or new provision involves inventive step.



Validity of 10 years after the deposit since granted *

(renewable for three periods of 5 years each) When thesubject involves the registration form


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